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The Curse of Actually Believing What You Hear

We hear things the way we are predisposed to hear them. The Disposable Visionary (DV) employee has a different way of hearing things. She trusts those who lead the company. He takes things at face value and presses on to make a difference. She doesn’t take the time to look at what is behind the […]

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How to Know if You have Disposable Visionary Syndrome (DVS)

DVS characteristics are reflected in how you regard others, including your staff, peers, and supervisors. They also involve how you look at opportunities, potential, and even setbacks. If you have DVS, you probably can identify with a number of the following:* You envision the potential; you visualize the possibilities and pursue the opportunities that will […]

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Tackle or Block?

“Company lines” you may have heard that serve as the corporate obstacle course “block”  designed to protect the status quo: The “pass the buck” hurdle: “Have your run this through the normal channels?” The “tried and true” block: “We don’t do things like that here.” The “clock’s running out” barrier: “It’s too late to consider […]

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Do you have Disposable Visionary Syndrome?

A pattern is seen in this group of otherwise intelligent, industrious, and motivated people. They often commit the political equivalent of suicide in their jobs by speaking out too much and too often. They push for change. They pursue corporate vision, often with greater zeal than their managers. They make others in their organization uncomfortable. […]

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The Heartbreak of Score-itis

It starts with a nagging itch that won’t go away, accompanied by painful bumps in the quarterly sales results. Before long, panic sets in and an urgent call for help is made. “We have no idea what our customers are thinking! Since we desperately need to control everything that they think about our company, we want to […]

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The Polymath’s Dilemma: Or the Curse of Hyperspecialization

Yesterday and Today Today’s workplace is a challenging place for polymaths. As a matter of fact, the 20th and 21st centuries have been pretty rough on them. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were famous polymaths in the 18th century. In the 19th century, the fictional character Sherlock Homes was one too. Each was highly esteemed by their contemporaries for […]

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