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The Greatest Obstacle to Innovation Training

How companies prevent the most receptive employees from implementing great ideas Training: The Source for Professional Development You’re leading great training and motivation, but are your managers and culture killing any chance for performance and innovation? Consider the following—it happens all the time: You do everything to set the stage for your people to step […]

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What we learn from a Chair — best practices for the visionary.

One of my favorite movies / musicals is 1776.  This is a recount of the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence.  It portrayed the obstacles that John Adams in particular had in conveying his vision of independence and convincing others to join in the vision and also to join in the risks involved. […]

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Is Your Company Zombie-Proof?

I like July.  It’s a special month. Still enough time to plan summer trips.  The days are long enough to enjoy evening walks.  It’s the month that recognizes our great country’s independence. With all the picnics, it’s no wonder it’s also National Hot Dog Month, National Grilling Month and even National Ice Cream month.  For […]

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The “telltale heart” of great employees

In sports, they say what separates true talent from true champions is heart.  Perhaps the greatest challenge in hiring great employees is  knowing how to identify the heart aspects that reflect a truly special employee.  This applies to all levels, from entry to the C-level. Unfortunately, most hiring practices look to fill skill levels, not […]

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Want a more productive company culture? Take in a movie!

Have you noticed that when people ask questions today, they really don’t want answers? I really don’t care what you think about that question.  I’m going to write what I want anyway.  And that’s my point. How companies assess their employees’ performances seems to follow this same idea.  They ask a lot of questions. There […]

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The Most Powerful Force in Business

Albert Einstein is often credited with the comment, “The most powerful force in the universe is compounded interest.”  It reflects the result when even a small foundation continuously builds over time.  This works when assets are saved and payments are missed.  Very quickly, the final results become substantial. A simple story shows conveys the impact […]

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Want to rock the boat without getting fired?